Discover The Proven Time-Tested Formula That I’ve Used To Successfully Grow My Business by Networking!

...ANYONE Can Use This (Even If You’ve Been Avoiding Networking Events!)

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Imagine How Networking Can Impact Your Business . . .

  • You’d have the ability to grow your network , to reach more people, and connect with more potential clients…

  • You’d make more money, and grow your business, rather than constantly trying to sell to everyone you meet

  • You’d feel confident for the very first time in a networking room whether online or in person.

You have the power to make a real connection.

And I know that this is exactly what you want, but right now...

You’re at a loss. A dead end. You desperately need a way to build your confidence and know what to say to build your networking skills but you just don’t know how.

By now, you’ve probably already tried EVERYTHING you can think of:

  • Generic Networking events like Happy Hour, speed networking event, after work mixers.

  • Creating 60- Second Elevator Pitches that feel sleazy and salesy

  • You’ve been sliding in the DMs without any luck and just getting blocked

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to The Definitive Art of Networking

    • Welcome To The Definitive Art of Networking
    • ALL About the Pre-Launch
  • 2

    5 Benefits of Marketing for Entrepreneurs

    • Securing new business
    • Enter into a new Market
    • Elevate Your profile
    • Learning new information
    • Be of help to others
    • Wrap Up
  • 3

    Maximizing Networking, Discovering Techniques To Create Your Icebreakers, and Building Connections!

    • Does Cold Calling Exist In 2021?
    • Icebreakers for Introverts
    • More Icebreakers - Weather
    • Final Icebreaker - Question
    • Building connections Basics
  • 4

    Using Technology as A Tool to Network Online and Offline!

    • Welcome to Module 3
    • Life Event connection
    • Direct Message aka DM with Purpose
    • Utilizing your phone as a networking tool
    • Tips to remembering someone’s name
    • Digital Business Cards ( Do you need actual business cards anymore)
  • 5

    Best Practices to stay in contact after networking to build strong lasting business and personal relationships

    • Follow up in less than 24 hours
    • “Top of Mind” Techniques
  • 6

    The Three Hellos Technique

    • Three Hellos Techniques
  • 7

    Navigating Networking During COVID, Getting Ready For In Person Networking, State of Affairs for Networking Post COVID

    • Networking During Covid- Are there any opportunities?
  • 8

    11 Tips, Tricks, & Templates, to Build Connection During Networking Events

    • Tips & Tricks to Master Networking
  • 9

    Utilizing Connections to become the Connector.

    • Be the connect for the connection!
    • You've Completed the Course!

Pre-Launch prices

As we are in pre-launch you will be getting the course at a 50% off the normal price of $797. So you can grab the course before prices go up.